Moving on up…slowly but surely.

Some exciting things have happened for me recently!

  1. I am a featured author thanks to J.M. Coard!
  2. My story, Viajeros, won an Honorable Mention in the Writers of the Future contest!
  3. I am spotlighting one of my favorite actors, Idris Elba, at Curionomastics!
  4. My husband is done with his classwork for his second Master’s Degree and will be graduating in a week!
  5. I have received a bunch of new old books about names that have some fascinating info!
  6. I have been learning about tarot cards, purchased a few decks and in my nonexistent spare time, I have been studying them!
  7. And perhaps the best news of all is that summer is coming soon and I will have much more time to write, write, write!
  8. I use way too many exclamation points!

I hope you’re having a great season of Spring so far! Thanks to all that have been visiting and signing up for the e-mail list on here and Curionomastics. I appreciate the support and I will keep churning out content for both when I find the time.