Moving on up…slowly but surely.

Some exciting things have happened for me recently!

  1. I am a featured author thanks to J.M. Coard!
  2. My story, Viajeros, won an Honorable Mention in the Writers of the Future contest!
  3. I am spotlighting one of my favorite actors, Idris Elba, at Curionomastics!
  4. My husband is done with his classwork for his second Master’s Degree and will be graduating in a week!
  5. I have received a bunch of new old books about names that have some fascinating info!
  6. I have been learning about tarot cards, purchased a few decks and in my nonexistent spare time, I have been studying them!
  7. And perhaps the best news of all is that summer is coming soon and I will have much more time to write, write, write!
  8. I use way too many exclamation points!

I hope you’re having a great season of Spring so far! Thanks to all that have been visiting and signing up for the e-mail list on here and Curionomastics. I appreciate the support and I will keep churning out content for both when I find the time.

Seven Spotlights at Curionomastics!

My blog, Curionomastics, has been doing pretty well so far, thanks to a bunch of great viewers and visitors. In case you haven’t stopped by, here’s a recap of the first seven spotlights. Just wait until you see who I’ve got coming up next to feature. If you haven’t subscribed at Curionomastics, please head on over there and enter your e-mail in order to stay updated. Enjoy!

Tee’s total so far:

1. Nomar Garciaparra  

© 2016 Curionomastics

2. Dovey Johnson Roundtree

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3. Gwendoline Christie

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4. N.C. Wyeth

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5. Soledad O’Brien

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6. Guy Gavriel Kay

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7. Lin-Manuel Miranda


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A Tee-Tapping Good Time

Well, things have been hectic lately, but I am very excited about all that I’ve been up to on the good ol’ Internet. What have I been up to?

  1. Starting my blog: Curionomastics already has a month worth of Sunday Spotlights posted! Nomar Garciaparra, Dovey Johnson Roundtree, Gwendoline Christie, and N.C. Wyeth have all been featured on my blog, with funky little graphics to go with their posts. Please check it out and subscribe, as I have some more great spotlights coming up for many Sundays to come.
  2. Naming characters: Need a Name? I can help! I will offer suggestions for your story or game character names if you’re stuck or looking for something original. Over 300 characters named….and counting!
  3. Joining a writer’s critique group: Scribophile is the best critiquing site for writers that I’ve found and I recently joined and have had some of work critiqued. Everyone is very helpful and I could not be happier among such a talented group.
  4. Getting ready to write: Camp NaNoWriMo is about to start for April and I’m prepping my story so I can begin churning out words next month. Wish me luck!
  5. Writing a guest post: See, Here’s the Thing is an awesome site that is posting my guess post, A Pair of Iggys, about Iggy Pop and Iggy Azalea! Be sure to sign up to receive updates by Kate because she posts awesome content pretty often.

As you can see, I’ve been a busy little Tee and that’s only going to continue, or so I hope. Happy Spring everyone!

Campbell’s Soup for the Shakespearean Soul

I finally finished this! And now I’m even managing a post about it. Again, thank you to snow days!

51qkWABAx8L._SX332_BO1,204,203,200_My awesome mother sent me this book, knowing it was right up my alley, err, cobblestone path. Liza Campbell’s A Charmed Life: Growing Up in Macbeth’s Castle is a self-explanatory memoir. Liza, the second oldest of five children, was the last to be born at Cawdor Castle, the very fortress that is featured in Shakespeare’s historically based tragedy, the never-shall-we-utter-the-title-of-this-play-on-stage, Macbeth.

I was hooked throughout the book, which was written with a well-rounded vocabulary and a decent pace. As hooked as I was, I was also staying quite busy with the regular duties of daily life, and so I was rushing to finish it before the very same awesome mother and equally awesome aunt came down to visit me. I wanted them to take it back with them and experience the book in turns. Upon discussing, my mama remarked that she would not like to grow up in a castle, as it would seem cold and not very cozy. But it’s not the building that makes a place filled with tension, it’s the people.

Liza Campbell deftly outlines how her own father, the 25th Thane of Cawdor and perhaps afflicted by his cursed ancestors, served as both a mentor and a tormentor in the early years of her life. The story is also populated with lots of other intriguing characters, from various places around the world and various points in history, though Hugh, Liza’s father, remains a central figure. Darkly witty but seriously intimate, A Charmed Life offers an honest view into a distinguished but somewhat dysfunctional noble family’s existence. Although I don’t read as much nonfiction as I should, I was highly influenced by Campbell’s tale and impressed with her apt and insightful quotes, tweeting them whenever I found a scrap of spare time between reading, working, and daydreaming about exploring an ancient castle.


My blog, Curionomastics, opens up in early March! I have been plugging away at creating content for it. Be sure to stay tuned to read about interesting people with intriguing names. Have a wonderful day after Valentine’s Day!

Tee Hee

Fantasy Fix

There’s no better way to spend snow days than with a healthy fixing of fantasy!

LabyrinthAfter a botched attempt to see Labyrinth on the big screen on Saturday (the movie theater was closed and we didn’t know), my bearded chum and I got to see it yesterday. Weird and wonderful as always, it was a special treat to see the movie (made shortly after I was born) in the cinema. We laughed at all the funny parts and the parts that weren’t meant to be funny but were hilarious just the same. I found the movie to be fun and whimsical, and though I had seen it before, there was much I had forgotten. Bearded Chum had never seen it, so I was thrilled to be experiencing it with him. It was great that the theater was paying tribute to David Bowie by showing Labyrinth and Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. Rest in peace, Goblin King.

It’s also good to hear that no one is trying to profit from Bowie’s death.


I also finally attacked my Read-Someday-Hopefully-Soon-but-Not-When-There’s-Other-Work-To-Be-Done pile of graphic novels and delved into Wild’s End: First Light. I picked this up at the comic shop a few weeks ago with no knowledge of it, which is how I usually come across the best literary gems, because who doesn’t love anthropomorphic characters living in a sleepy village and attempting to fight aliens?

Wild's End First LightThe story was well-paced and the characters were intriguing, if a bit stereotypical. I loved their names, of course! Admiral Clive Slipaway wins the Best Name Teeward, but Alphred Swagger comes in a close second. I wish the characters had been a bit more developed. Not a ton, but a smidge. I did find the inserted documents between issues to be wonderful additions to the main story arc, although I would have loved some to be more finished (what happens to Captain Syracuse???) and a few of them to be finished sooner (Rainwright’s Walking Guide could be cut in half). They were clever and well-written excerpts, though, and I enjoyed them just as much as the simple but expressive artwork that drew me to the book in the first place.

Overall, it was an entertaining journey, and I will be getting the second volume, The Enemy Within, as soon as it comes out in trade paperback form.


With the flurry of fantasy all around me, I have been absolutely inspired to write and create! Besides working on content for my upcoming blog, Curionomastics, which will debut in March, I have been working on my own fantasy stories. I’ve got a short story in the works that puts a twist on the high fantasy quest tale, and I’ve also got numerous novels and screenplays perpetually in progress. Let me get off to work on some of them!

Tee Tee Eff Enn!

Teeing Off

golf ball on tee


I’m terrible at golf and so this first attempt at a website will probably reflect my ineptitude in a similar manner. However, you must admit that whacking a little ball with a long metal stick, no matter where it goes, sounds rather enjoyable and, dare I say, even therapeutic. Since I’m not ready for eighteen holes littered with sand traps yet, I’m going to stay at the driving range for now.


I’m an artist and always have been, though my art has morphed numerous times throughout my life, so I should probably call myself a creator. Not the Creator, of course, but a creator is certainly the most appropriate word for me, Tee. I have a vast array of interests and get inspired to create dozens of times every day. Unfortunately, I have little time to act on many of the inspirations, and my hugest problem is finishing all of the projects that I start. Stories, screenplays, scripts, paintings and drawings, all in varying stages of completeness, surround me in a chaotic kaleidoscope, each of them flashing at me for attention. It’s the life I live and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


So, welcome to my world. I apologize for any sporadic randomness, miscellaneous meanderings, and disconnected mumbo jumbo. Oh, yeah, and watch out for flying golf balls.